Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Earth Guardians

The Earth Guardians are "are a tribe of young activists, artists and musicians from across the globe stepping up as leaders and co-creating the future they know is possible". They started RYSE (rising youth for a sustainable earth), a diverse movement of young climate leaders who are taking action and empowering youth around the world to do the same.
Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh is a 15-year-old indigenous change agent, environmental activist, public speaker, eco hip-hop artist, and the Youth Director of Earth Guardians. He performs internationally at music festivals, organizes demonstrations, and has spoken at over 100 high-impact rallies, events and conferences around the globe. He and his brother, Itzcuauhtli, regularly give school presentations to ignite and inspire youth to step up as leaders and take action on behalf of the planet In 2013, Xiuhtezcatl received the 2013 United States Community Service Award from President Obama, and was the youngest of 24 national change-makers chosen to serve on the President's youth council.
-- Watch Xiuhtezcatl on Climate Change at the United Nations
-- Watch Xiuhtezcatl Ted talk
-- Watch Xiuhtezcatl Youth Leadership Bioneers

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