Monday, November 16, 2015

Starting from Empathy

Start Empathy, an initiative of Ashoka, is a community of individuals and institutions dedicated to building a future in which every child masters empathy. The main idea is to see  young people as changemakers and help them develop the skills they need to be empathetic, ethical actors who will positively impact their own lives, their communities, their schools, their companies, their countries and the world, now and throughout their lives. In order to make empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving as valued in education as traditional academic skills, Ashoka created the Changemaker Schools Network, a national community of leading elementary schools that serve as models for cultivating these skills in students.
Start Empathy has also launched Think It Up, a national education campaign that supports student-powered learning projects and prioritizes empathy and changemaking in our schools.

Explore the extraordinary journeys of three young changemakers who are leading their own movements for social change and promoting the core skills of empathy, teamwork, fluid leadership and change making.

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