Friday, October 24, 2014

Encouraging Strengths in Our Children

"Follow the child's strengths rather than the system's weaknesses"

Follow a child's strengths and passions, learn by doing, teach how to be in relationships, focus on what happens after college rather than just getting in, be concerned enough to resist measuring success by test scores, bravely look for ways to overcome teaching from outdated content silos: that is where the future of learning must focus -- Jenifer Fox

Jenifer Fox is an internationally published author, educational keynote speaker and leading innovator on 21st Century Learning. In 2007, Jenifer set out on a journey across the United States with business guru and strengths expert Marcus Buckingham to set the stage for the Strengths Movement to spread to schools. Since then, Fox has become widely known as an expert in developing programming with a focus on developing strengths, project based learning, differentiated instruction, school innovation and helping parents understand their children and their schools. She works with schools, non-profit organizations and parents helping them understand how to find educational solutions and models for success in the 21st Century.
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