Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Art education as a civil right

Professor Patty Bode talks about how education involves learning and teaching, and learning is what makes us fully human. Art, she argues, is thus a big aspect of being fully human. Dr. Patty Bode asserts art education as a civil and human right through her teaching, research, service, art making and activism. With a focus on democratization of the arts, her work reinvigorates the arts in urban schools, juvenile justice facilities, neighborhood community settings, and engages cultural institutions to re-imagine their role in art education.
Dr. Bode teaching prepares art educators to pedagogy through multicultural education and innovative classroom practice by highlighting the role of radical thought in the transformation of schools and society. She has published and lectured on critical art pedagogy and re-theorizing curriculum to redefine art education. Interesting talk.

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