Friday, July 11, 2014

Music Lifting Women out of Poverty in Brazil

The World Bank is working on gender equality. Women's rights are becoming more and more prevalent in the world today. Girls are attending school and closing the gender gap in education. Childbirth rates have been declining showing women are having more reproductive choice. With all the strides made, there is still a ways to go. Women make up the majority of unpaid workers in the world. Only 15% of landowners and one in five lawmakers in the world are women. There are issues with young women giving birth, predominantly in under-developed countries, one in ten are between 15-18 years old. There are still issues with violence against women. An important way to help bring equality is to increase women's economic opportunity and their voice in decision making. This video shows an orchestra in Brazil which, under the leadership of a female maestra, has brought girls and boys together to play music and bring hope to many women (UNITED STATES INSTITUTE OF PEACE)

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