Sunday, July 27, 2014

What peace means to Syrian refugee children

"Peace is if everyone goes back to their homes and are happy. It is better than staying here. We will go back and rebuild Syria. I will play with my friends there and start having a life again, a country, a real country, my country"
"Leaders of the World can you put an end to the blockade? Because we can't stay here anymore. We want to return home. Put an end to this conflict. Martyrs are dying. And the children are the innocent ones".
More than 8 million Syrians have been displaced by ongoing fighting in their country — 6.5 million within Syria, and about 2.3 million as refugees in neighboring countries. Among them are countless children whose hopes, dreams, and ways of life have been put on hold indefinitely.
They’ve been forced to quit school and flee their homes — in many cases, with little more than the clothes on their backs.
These children each have unique stories, and they still have visions for a brighter future.
Watch the video below to hear from some of them as they speak to leaders who are discussing the future of their home country. As the conflict in Syria enters its third year, an entire generation of affected children hangs in the balance. Their voices cry out to be heard. Extremely touching.

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