Thursday, November 19, 2015

Engaging young people

Philly Youth Poetry Movement's (PYPM) Gregory Corbin and Denice Frohman ask: How do we engage young people? How do we create safe spaces for expression, empowerment and transformation? What does self-sustainable education look like and how can we help young adults become the leaders of tomorrow? PYPM, a volunteer-driven youth poetry organization, works with young people to help them discover their voices through spoken word. Young poets find value in their voices, explore how they fit and don't fit in the world, expose themselves to diverse stories and listen to one another. Corbin explains: "Their stories are classrooms. Their lessons are life experiences. Both are abundant, beautiful chances to change the world."

In Bermuda Break The Chains (BTC) is a creative writing and performance program offered by Chewstick Foundation using spoken word and poetry to develop literacy, confidence, identity, creativity and collaborative skills.

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