Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The difference that art makes

Can Art make a difference in children? Can adults learn anything from art?
Shai Dahan is an an artist and muralist, philantropist, and entrepreneur. Born in Israel and raised in the USA, his passion for visual art became well known throughout the region. His most notable works include the Dala Horses, an ambitious street-art campaign. He was praised with a variety of awards and has been featured in multiple publications and exhibitions internationally.
With the TEDx keynote featured below, Shai gives a unique talk about his public-art projects and how art helps make a difference for children from South Africa to Palestine to Sweden. With his work in the township of Langa for Project Playground, to curating one of Sweden's first large-scale Street-Art "No Limit Festival", he has worked hard at trying to change public spaces and the lives of youth around the world.  Here he explores how important art education can be and gives us an insightful look into our own individual ability to making a difference.

In May 2012, Shai has traveled to a conflict-driven region of Israel to take part of a creative collaboration and an art journey. As he became part of this journey, Shai realized that this project was more than just drawing a painting on a wall. It became a journey for finding hope in a land where optimism seemed to have vacated long ago.

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