Sunday, June 21, 2015

Music Education And The Brain

Inspired by a young teacher at a music educators conference, Dr Anita Collins commissioned a short film to be made to help music educators, parents and students understand the benefits of music education. The film includes interviews with a prominent neuroscientists, innovative music educators and students. The basis for the film is Anita's research into the benefits of music education for academic performance, social skills and well-being, literacy and numeracy skills, improved life outcomes and brain and physical health in later life. Anita has worked as a primary and secondary school music educator in both Australia and England. Her broad experience encompasses classroom and instrumental teaching, curriculum design and musical conducting of concert band, orchestral and choral groups and specialist and generalist teacher education. She is currently Assistant Professor of Music and Arts Education at the University of Canberra.
- Watch Anita's TED talk "What if every child had access to music education from birth?"