Saturday, January 31, 2015

Success Starts with Teachers

On any given day, teachers make thousands of decisions, facilitate at least a dozen different lessons and connect with students on various levels. Often times, the most successful schools have the right supports in place to help its teachers continue to learn and grow so that they can ensure students do the same. For teachers in high-poverty schools however, there are growing pressures and a unique set of daily challenges that make the task of teaching become more than simply classroom learning. With input from administrators and teachers, this film tries to answer some big questions such as: What's the value of a great teacher? What does the field of teaching look like today? How are schools equipping teachers to teach under-resourced learners? How are they prepared to understand diverse student needs?
This film was produced as part of a series of documentaries by "Nebraska loves public schools", a campaign dedicated to tackling the issues that face students and public schools in Nebraska and around the country. Although specific to Nebraska, we believe as they do that these films serve as a resource to educate and to inspire action.
-- watch full movie here

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