Monday, January 05, 2015

Finding inspiration

"There is a symbiotic and intrinsic link between storytelling and community, between community and art, between community and science and technology, between community and economics. It's my belief that an abstract economic theory that denies the needs of a community or denies the contributions that communities make to economy is short-sighted, cruel and untenable. The fact is whether you are a rockstar, or a welder in the shipyard, or a tribesman in the upper Amazon, or the Queen of England, we are all in the same boat".

Sting's early life was dominated by a shipyard—and he dreamed of nothing more than escaping the industrial drudgery. But after a nasty bout of writer's block that stretched on for years, Sting found himself channeling the stories of the shipyard workers he knew in his youth for song material. In a lyrical, confessional talk, Sting treats us to songs from his latest musical, and to an encore of "Message in a Bottle." A bit out of topic...but worth listening to. Great songwriter, great speaker.

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