Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Creativity Is the New Literacy

As a global society we are currently facing crises across every imaginable sector including economic, climate and humanitarian issues. What is the one common thread in all these crises? The solution lies in the power of human creativity. Today we have a creativity crisis. On the positive side, thought leaders are taking notice of the critical need for creativity. A recent study of 1500 CEOs cited creativity as the #1 leadership competency. However, current education paradigms stifle creativity because our archaic system was built around farming and factory ways of life. How do we empower this new generation of learners to solve the world’s issues with creative skills? It starts with an education system that cultivates creativity and a society that puts value on creativity. Creative, problem solving skills placed in the hands of every learner will unleash a new culture that will tirelessly pursue amazing, creative alternatives until something works (from SXSW)
Chase Jarvis, renowned photographer and director turned digital entrepreneur, co-founded creativeLIVE in 2010 to share free creative education with the world. Since that time creativeLIVE has delivered more than 1 billion minutes of free online education to 2 million people across every country in the world. Please watch his talk at the World Domination Summit.

Chase Jarvis from Chris Guillebeau on Vimeo.

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