Saturday, September 20, 2014

Can music change the world?

"Music can give hope and encouragement in the times of the greatest and deepest crisis..
All my life I have been focused on the music I was playing, on refining the music I was playing or even worse on my persona on the stage, but I have been ignoring the third and most important element of music making: the audience. So when the door opened that night...I realized that the universal message of music had remained completely connect, to share, to communicate. And for the first time in my life I walked on the big stage not feeling nervous because I knew why I was playing music."
Panos Karan is a classical pianist of Greek origin. He was educated at the Royal Academy of Music as a student of Sulamita Aronovsky. He is also founder of Keys of Change, a young charity formed by individuals of different backgrounds who deeply believe that playing music can make this world a better place. Their goal is to promote and establish musical education and its benefits in remote areas around the world.
This is a wonderful talk by a remarkable young man, a powerful message of hope through music.

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