Thursday, June 19, 2014

We Must Celebrate Innovators

"I'm an acute observer of trends in cultures, because some trends are away from innovation. And if it's away from innovation and creativity, then problems you already know exist, and especially problems that you don't know will yet arise, can be the unweaving of your civilization, and I don't want to be in that world."
In this interview Neil deGrasse Tyson (see short bio in previous post) says that we must return to celebrating those who combine creativity with science and discovery, or we risk falling into an intellectual tailspin that might prove irreversible."Their activities should be cherished. These are the people we should hold up high. We should build statues to those people. We used to. Those are the folks who advance frontiers. The inventors, the explorers, the discoverers, the innovators...These are the people who shape civilization. If you don't cultivate and nurture that, you might as well just move back into the cave, because that's where we're going to end up without it."
We believe this applies to everything and education can play a big role in it.

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