Tuesday, June 03, 2014

War divides Music connects

Musicians without Borders (MwB), established in 1999, is a global network organization using the power of music for healing and reconciliation in areas torn by war and conflict. Musicians without Borders develops projects in response to local needs and in cooperation with local musicians and civil society organizations. Successful projects are used to develop models, methodologies and trainings suitable for use in other regions.
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"We create music from anything, and we create it from silence! We play music in a relaxing atmosphere, complete freedom; at the end nothing makes me happier than seeing a smile on an oppressed kid’s face." - Music workshop leader from al-Azzeh refugee camp

"Music is a symbol of friendship in our country. It helps us to be released from depression in order to have a better future. I think we will learn how to show others who are HIV+ that they have a value for themselves and for their country." - Aime, youth leader at WE-ACTx

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