Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sport & Art for Peace

"I believe that investing in children could build a better future." -- Jean Bosco Bakunzi
At the beginning of May 500 Children played soccer for Peace in Rwanda. It is the tournament's third year of existence, the first having been held in November 2011 at the Regionale Stadium, still in Nyamirambo. Visual artiste Jean Bosco Bakunzi is the brainchild of the Youth Football for Peace Tournament, a sister project of his Uburanga Arts Studio."One of our goals at Uburanga Arts Studio is to contribute to our community by encouraging the youth to be more creative and look forward to a bright future!" says Bakunzi. He reveals that the idea of the tournament was inspired by his early childhood experience of playing football on the street."I am always touched when I pass by kids doing the same thing. However we have seen many situations where someone grows up without any hope but ends up playing for a bigger team like Chelsea FC. I believe Art can bring hope to many kids who love soccer.""At Uburanga Arts Studio, our dream is to inspire children. It is our dream that all children will grow up loving their skills and working hard to make their dreams come true. I then decided to work on building a small football tournament. I knew it would be a great thing to do that could bring many children together and play peacefully."
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Not sure if this documentary was ever completed, but clearly sport can save lives as much as art!!

A Generation After Genocide Extended Teaser Trailer from Jon Weiman on Vimeo.

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