Thursday, June 26, 2014

Songs for Peace

"Songs for Peace is creating a worldwide community of peace seekers. Everyone's invited. Let's shift the focus to peace, not war. To harmony, not conflict. To love, not hate. Peace begins with you." ​
-- Dr. George Barkett 

Songs For Peace© is an international songwriting contest. It begins online when people submit their original peace songs, and progresses as others vote on the songs, and finally a panel of judges reviews the highest rated songs.By involving people throughout the world in composing songs about peace, voting for their favorite songs about peace, and attending concerts of the world's musicians performing the winning songs, millions of people will be simultaneously focused on peace. The main goal is to provide a worldwide platform for all peoples-regardless of race, religion, age, sex, or nationality-to harness the power and beauty of music to create an all-encompassing force for peace throughout the world (read more here)

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