Saturday, June 28, 2014

One Day One Choir

One Day One Choir is an exciting new initiative which uses the harmonious and inclusive power of choral singing to promote peace and unity on Peace Day, 21 September. Anybody, young or old, amateur or professional, wherever they are, can get involved with One Day One Choir and all kinds of choral events are welcome!
Whether you want to create an event - short or long, formal or flash mob - or dedicate something you are already singing in - a concert, a celebration or a church service - use your voice in harmony with others to sing out and spread the message of peace. Be part of a worldwide choir for peace!
If you are a school - why not sing in the week leading up to the day to spread the word about Peace Day? Want some inspiration? Watch PS22 Chorus and Matisyahu "ONE DAY"

-- read more on Peace One Day website
-- How-to Guide

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