Monday, June 02, 2014

Esperanza Spalding on jazz & music education

"That music (improvised) really connected with my being..and then I got that itch to really study that music and learn more about it...I still have the itch.."
"You can have a solo career meaning you have your own gigs, but that's 1/10th or even less of what the music is playing with everybody all the time.."
"Music education is a MUST for children, first of all just for young people for the development of the mind...have an opportunity to explore the cause and effects of creativity, creative exploration, creative diligence.."
JazzTimes In Person interview with bassist/singer/bandleader Esperanza Spalding from backstage at the 2011 Newport Jazz Festival, presented by Natixis. In this segment, Spalding talks about her jazz and music education, about her teachers and mentors and about her own experience as a teacher and mentor. Very gracious lady.

Esperanza Spalding - We Are America from ESP Media on Vimeo.

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