Monday, June 16, 2014

Elton John - Music Crosses All Boundaries

"Music is the common denominator amongst us all, it is the common denominator that whether you are catholic, protestant, muslim or hindu, you can all relate to the same piece of music, whatever colour your skin is, whatever sexuality you are, you can all come together in one place and celebrate joy with music and not think of the other consequences that might have brought you there. That is an amazing power, the power of music is one of the most positive things in the world, if not the most positive thing."
Elton John delivered a speech at the Royal Academy of Music in October 2013, at the arrival and installation of the Sir Elton John and Ray Cooper Organ in Duke's Hall. In this edited version, Elton talks about music as humanity's common denominator, and how it crosses all boundaries.
Nice speech Sir.

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