Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teacher Education and 21st Century Skills

"We used to develop in students a passion to learn all the right answers, we want 21st century students to have a passion for asking new questions" -- Dr Sharon P. Robinson, President and CEO, American Ass. of Colleges of teacher education
In the 21st century, the most perceptive educational thinkers recognize that something new is happening to learning. Models of providing an education that developed to meet the needs of students of the last two centuries, while not irrelevant, are increasingly being transformed and infiltrated by the introduction and integration of new tools and technologies, and novel approaches to work, many of which are now commonplace in business and consumer spheres. The emphasis on collaboration and critical thinking to solve problems, and the flattening of the world of commerce are challenging the fundamental assumptions of what an education must provide to its young people in order for them to succeed or even cope in a complex world.
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