Monday, April 28, 2014

Keeping Time: Music Is a Core Subject

"Music education nourishes the mind as well as the soul"

Extracts from an article by Wynton Marsalis on Edutopia supporting music as core subject.
"It strikes me as strange that music is considered nonessential. More than simply being a source of cultural pride and listening pleasure, music represents a core ingredient in the education of our children."
"Music teaches us the language of expression. You and I and Martin Luther King Jr. could read the exact same speech and it wouldn't sound the same. The words are the same, of course, but why is it that Dr. King's voice and tone carried something beyond the words? It's the expressiveness of the performance."
"Music also teaches us how to get along with others. Consider the music I love: jazz. Each member of the group can improvise, but none of it works -- for a soloist or an ensemble -- if the musicians do not play in balance... This group dynamic teaches the importance of choice, and many choices require some form of sacrifice. You must listen. You must have a conversation. The group must work together to achieve its goals."
"Music must remain a core part of the teaching curriculum...Education works on many levels. It must inform and excite the mind, as well as nourish the spirit. Music is a key part of that education."
-- Watch this nice performance - Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton

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